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Stefano Fera - Note

Who I am

I was born in Genoa in 1958, into a family of engineers.
Engineers of every sort and kind: mechanical, naval, civil, etc., some of whom have had a primary role in the industrialization of Italy.
Therefore I grew up in an environment in which industry and technology were taken for granted, so that “worship of science” and “faith in progress” were seen as banal and charmless ideas.
Furthermore, my relatives all belonged to that breed of engineers educated within a solid humanistic culture, for which reason they were far more interested in philosophy, history, literature, music and visual arts, rather than in integral calculus and in the “astonishing innovations of technique”.
On the one hand engineering appeared to me a sort of hereditary disease, on the other hand that same discipline, in my family’s interpretation, leaned more towards the technique of the artist rather than that of the mechanician. Therefore my early interests were soon driven towards drawing and painting. These activities have since then always occupied me, as they still do, in a more than negligible fashion. And it is precisely through these interests that I have approached architecture, considering it not so much an art form, but rather as a form that art at times embodies to reveal itself.
I was then introduced to professional practice in the firm of my father, who was a civil engineer too, but always involved in interventions of monument restoration, as well as in architectural and urban design projects.
While still a student, I had the chance to work for Ignazio Gardella and Aldo Rossi, two among some of the most interesting protagonists of 20th century Italian architectural culture.
My present professional practice focuses on architectural and urban design, as well as on architectural restoration.


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